3 tier stand diy

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3 tier stand diy

You can use these stands for displaying everything from cookies to finger foods to using on a dresser for jewelry organization! Once the holes are drilled you can put your dessert stand together.

You can make the tiered plate stand with either two plates or three plates, depending on your needs. Fill the stand with cookies, small appetizers or use as a jewelry stand on your dresser! These make great hostess gifts and be sure fill them up with yummies first!

Gold Cake Stand Tutorial. I also have an entire post devoted to tiered trays and standsbecause I think that they are so versatile for styling! Find it HERE. This is the best turorial ever!!! I would love to try. But I am not sure I will have the courage. All rights reserved. Our graphics, images and text are all subject to copyright protection. Please do not copy or use without our written permission.

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3 tier stand diy

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Comments This is the best turorial ever!!! Don't miss all the latest!A few weeks ago, I shared this tabletop succulent garden with you. As I mentioned, it was inspired by this cupcake stand. I loved the idea of putting something unexpected—like these pretty succulents—onto something that was meant to display food. And I had a lot of fun making my own tiered stand. While I was researching different ideas for this project, I came across dozens of terrific ideas anyone could use to DIY a tiered dessert stand.

The possibilities for these stands are literally limitless! You can find a tutorial for any skill level, style, size, or shape!

Along with entertaining, they can be used to display craft supplies, spices, makeup, and seasonal decor. I think I might have to make a few more…. Plans and a tutorial for this effortlessly elegant stand are available at Shanty 2 Chic. I like how the tiers on this one are completely flat, leaving lots of room for sweet treats! The perfect solution if you are short on storage space, this stand make from hardware and pretty plates can be easily taken apart for compact storage.

See how to make it at HomedIt. This is a perfect stand to leave out on the kitchen counter! Bonus: along with the tutorial, there are two different ideas pictured for styling this one.

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Shabby Chic Circles Plans and a tutorial for this effortlessly elegant stand are available at Shanty 2 Chic. Sign up for your FREE ebook here! Now check your email to confirm your subscription. There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again. First Name. Email Address. We use this field to detect spam bots. If you fill this in, you will be marked as a spammer.

Filed Under: 5 Ways Posts Tagged With: centerpiececupcakesdiyentertainingindustrial stylemake your ownmelamine platesrepurposedspring form pansucculentstieredtiered cake standtiered dessert standupcycledvintage plates. Footer 2 Widget This is an example of a widgeted area that you can place text to describe a particular product or service. Footer 3 Widget This is an example of a widgeted area that you can place text to describe a particular product or service.Living indoor plants placed on a diy plant stand make a room feel more inviting and cozy, plus grouping all your plants together adds a focal point to the room and makes the plants easier to care for.

In addition to creating asthetic appeal to your home indoor plant stand also purifies the air you breath. Use these ideas for creating your own DIY plant stand. You may also like to check out: diy hammock standsdiy aquarium standsdiy floating shelvesdiy ladder shelves, diy plant potsdiy macrame plant hangerstire planter ideas and diy garage shelves. This low and long DIY plant stand is perfect for placing in front of a picture window.

The indoor plants will receive all the light they need without detracting from your view of the outdoors. This tiered plant stand is a perfect place to house several plants while providing a unique piece of furniture for the room.

The open diy wood shelves allow for plenty of air circulation and sunlight for each plant. A low wooden plant stand with four levels to allow each plant to have its place in the sunlight. A perfect design to house multiple plants and great for growing vegetables as well. This A-Frame design uses a step ladder as the frame base, then adds several wood planks to create diy plant shelves.

This easy to build and affordable tall plant stand will allow you to grow several plants in just one space. This little wooden plant stand has the clean lines and modern look which is currently trending in the home fashion industry. A wood frame, four legs and a tube of glue is all you will need to create this decorative plant stand that will fit perfectly on a coffee table or desk top. A unique way to display your plants is with this hanging DIY pot rack.

With some scrap wood and rope, you can create this hanging pot rack to house four terra cotta pots filled with living greenery. If you need a diy plant stand that has wheels so it can be moved around as needed so the plants can be watered or be exposed to sunlightthis plant cart is your answer.

A couple of decades ago, TVs were large and bulky and required a separate stand to be laced on, Those TVs have gone the way of the dinosaur, but many of the stands remain.

One great way to recycle an old TV stand is to transform it into a garden plant stand with a coat of paint. If you only have one houseplant instead of a collection of them, this DIY plant stand can provide a decorative and easy to build a home for your one plant.

One slice of wood from a tree is the perfect size round to create a short, decorative stand for one planter. Easy and affordable to create. Build a place for your indoor plants in just hours with this simple plant stand idea. When floor space is at a premium, build a DIY hanging garden stand for your potted plants. Use this idea to create a chic and modern plant stand or two to place at your entrance to greet visitors.

Good for indoor or outdoor use. Birch wood and galvanized trays can be used to create an attractive wood plant stand by following this step by step video.You guys! I am pushing out a lot of these DIY in 30 projects!

Love them! I see them all over the web and in stores, but I am never willing to pay a ton of money for them. The weathered wood, farmhouse tiered trays are usually crazy expensive!

Too expensive for this frugal DIYer. One way I have been able to get weathered wood trays is by creating the look with paint on a tiered tray from the thrift store or a yard sale.

I was lucky enough to find one recently during a thrift store stop. Last year at this time, I was inspired to make Three Tiered Stand Trays from left over wood in the garage. When I saw this piece at my local thrift store, I had to pick it up because the wood work was already done and all I had to do was give it some paint to give it a weathered wood look. You can ready my disclosure here.

Whenever I give a piece a weathered wood look, I start with a beige color. When the beige paint dried, I added some gray paint over it in different areas. I dry-brushed the gray paint on in a hap-hazard way.

DIY Three Tier Stand {DIY in 30}

Once the white paint dried, I added Antique Wax all over the three tier stand. Three tiered stands are perfect for so many things, but this little one was begging to be decorated for spring.

Speckled eggs, ceramic bunnies, moss and a nest was all this little three tier stand needed to complete it. This DIY three tier stand was done in thirty minutes. The longest part of the whole thing was waiting for paint to dry between layers, but I used a table fan and it hurried the process right along. Impatient much?

I have been told that a time or two. Not only do DIY in 30 projects make me so happy, but I love sharing projects where I have taken something I found at a thrift store or yard sale and made it into something I have been admiring in stores and catalogs for little to no money. This is the way to decorate.

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Inside, it is jam packed with all the tips and tricks I use when I am shopping this way! Yard sale season will be here soon and I want to equip you all with the tools you need to head out there and make the most of it!

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You can head to this link to subscribe today and get the guide in your inbox!!! Antique Wax. Amazing idea. Thanks, in advance. Almost a year to the day later and I found your tray! It is simply delightful! I love the paint treatment, the antique wax sets this FAR above the rest. Your artistic ability and creativity in styling this lovely tiered stand make it sing. Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. Bloglovin Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter.That's exactly what I was thinking, Sharon!

I'm going to keep my eyes out for more cute plates at Goodwill. Thanks for stopping by to comment :. Hi Cindy! Great minds. I made one similar to this. Mine was made with Dollar Tree items : Gonna be hitting up the thrift store soon tho!

Thanks for sharing. Hey Bobbie, I love finding items from the Dollar Tree for crafting too! Good luck on your thrift store run : Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to leave a sweet comment!!

These are so fun! I have one and use it a lot. I love the items that you used! Thanks for sharing it with SYC. I love the usefulness of these stands! Have pretty ones and thrifty ones makes them even better!! Thanks for stopping by! I think your tiered stands are adorable Cindy.

How to Make Tiered Plate Stands for Under $5

Thanks for sharing them at Shabbilicious Friday. I'm delighted to be featuring them at tomorrow's party. Starla, thank you so much for your sweet comment and I agree that they'd be perfect for tea parties. They are nice and dainty! I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and comment! Have a great day :. Your comments are like sunshine and chocolate!

Thanks for taking the time to leave a nice one ; I read all comments and love to respond if you leave your email! Otherwise, please look for my response under the post where you left it!

Social Icons. Three mismatched and darling saucers I decided to make a tiny tiered dessert stand. It stinks but it really holds well I already had some so I'm not including it in the cost of the project. It's cheap though and you can find it at Walmart.

I attached a bead of glue around the bottom of the stemware and carefully set them into the middle of the plates figuring out the proper order beforehand of course - wink. Then I let the glue set for several hours Then I glued my tower together, this time the glue went around the rims of the stemware.

Again, I left it alone for a couple of hours Finally, it was okay to flip it over How sweet is this?Spring is in the air! I can feel it. We were outside all day long working on projects and playing with the kids. Then, this week we got a couple of inches of snow.

3 tier stand diy

Oh well, it was fun while is lasted and it made us all more excited for warmer temps and more sunshine. This will be our third collaboration. We started with a fall project and now, it is time for a spring project. When I saw these pieces, I knew they would come together to make a perfect 3 Tier Stand. To start the process, I had to talk to my contractor. He told me it was a pretty simple, straight-forward project.

First, I had to come up with the measurements for the different boxes on this stand. I wanted three tiers with a bigger one on the bottom and a smaller one on top.

Thin plywood was the base of each box and the sides were put together using an old board we had in the garage. To see how we make our wood boxes, head to my post HERE. To make the boxes work on the stand, we measured and marked the center on the bottom of each box. Affiliate links are used in this post. You can see my full disclosure HERE. Then, we cut the wood dowel to fit between each of the boxes. It is the perfect spring color!

I roughed up the paint with sandpaper when it dried. This 3 Tier Stand is so much fun to decorate! I pulled out a few of our Easter decorations and had fun playing around with it all. I also used this stand when I hosted the tea party I shared last week. It would be pretty in a bathroom filled with jars of cotton balls and swabs and wash cloths in the bottom.

5 Ways to Make Your Own Tiered Cake Stand

It would also be cute on a craft table full of all of the essentials. We will get a lot of use out of this tiered stand.

I can see it decorated for every season and holiday. How would you use it? There are so many great ideas in this spring project tour so make sure to check them all out. You will definitely be ready for spring after you see all of these creations. What a great piece, Lindsay! I love this! I would love to make one for my bathroom to store makeup, brushes, etc. Just love this. The color is perfect and it would make a wonderful decor piece for any season or occasion.

I need this! How creative! I have been wanting a 3-tired stand for my kitchen.People who pick up houseplants usually have a room or space in their homes dedicated to the plants. The space normally rests on a bookshelf or coffee table. These DIY plant stands are shaped like a tower or table to provide your houseplants a nice resting area. Indoor plants provide lots of advantages not just for houses however likewise for workplaces and other areas. The way you show them likewise has a crucial effect on the method they affect you and the design.

Definitely store-bought planters would make things a lot easier, but then your plants will be doing not have character. The lists below tasks are quite basic. Plant stand ideas are only limited to how you see precious stuff around you. Cement can also be used for DIY plant stand with a copper base to support it.

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These are very simple DIY plant stands. By using wire that you are no longer using, you can create these modern and artistic plant stands. They are very appropriate for any even surface around the house. Since they are small, they will not eat too much space.

3 tier stand diy

These plant stand ideas are suitable for you who love small size plants. This DIY plant stand is appropriate for either outdoor or indoor. These plant stand ideas are made of square marble in the surface and four legs to support it. The legs can be made of anything that strong enough to hold up the marble.

Some people love to be surrounded by a green view.

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If you want to have similar experience even in the kitchen, this DIY plant stand of leaning ladder works perfectly for you. It is made of woods, similar to the common ladder but smaller. The plants are hanged on each step. This plant stand idea is appropriate with rather small plants.

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This DIY plant stand is unique and rare.


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