Sugar maple gun stock blanks

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Sugar maple gun stock blanks

Home About Us Contact Us. Featured Items. What you are seeing is the Williamsport Boom completed in It was about 7 miles long and could hold over a million logs! As can be seen above it divided the Susquehanna into a river navigation area on the right and a log run on the left. Log jams appeared along waterways of log navigation anytime there was a disruption in the navigation of the water or a heavy run of logs.

This was a seasonal problem also during winter with the waterways freezing or during spring floods. Some were hugh and reached back on the waterways for miles.

Gunstock Blanks by Cecil Fredi

Because of the large amount of logs entangled it took weeks to free them using many long man hours of dangerous work with dynamite or whatever means at hand. Did you find the two men sitting in the jam? I suppose they were scratching their heads wondering what would be the best approach in getting this mess cleaned up. All Rights Reserved. Built with Volusion.

Choose A Sub Category:. Log Jams What you are seeing is the Williamsport Boom completed in No one can dry wood as well as Mother Nature. Here in Las Vegas, we have many summer days with triple digit temperatures and single digit humidity — ideal conditions conducive to drying wood, and perfect for gunstock blanks. We also have shell, sometimes called quilt or flame maple, and fiddleback, also known as curly or tigertail maple. Additionally, we carry French walnut, which has a unique honey-colored background.

All of our blanks are air dried and a moisture meter is used on every blank before it is processed. We continually rotate the stock as we turn over quite a volume.

We sell gunstock blanks to people all over the world. Contact us for more information!

sugar maple gun stock blanks

It is also the most expensive. Most English comes from California. However that supply is slowly dwindling. We have Circassian walnut from the Republic of Georgia.

California has a twelve month growing season, unlike states with walnut trees which have severe winters. Claro gives the best bang for the buck: beautiful wood without the exorbitant price.

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We have walnut, Circassian walnut and maple burls. For those inquiring about burl, remember burl has no strength capabilities and always has some pin holes. We do have pieces of burl that have wood in the strength area of the stock and burl in the butt. If you buy burl, you will have lots of burl pin eyes to fill and you must accept that as that is what makes burl uniquely beautiful.

It is an excellent wood for large magnums. It is not as expensive as English and it has more figure.

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It will add a few ounces to your gun. For that reason, it is more expensive. It takes a tree that is hundreds of years old and starting to deteriorate to create this unique look in the wood. It is not as dense and heavy as eastern maples. Because the majority of the wood comes from more temperate climates of Oregon and Washington, it grows faster. Sometimes I'm not too sure about the wife!This exceptional Walnut turning stock has incredible color and figure! Due to this, twice turning is the recommended method.

This high quality woodturning stock is brimming with color and figure! Reward your lathe with a woodworking treat! This gun blank has a little bit of a natural edge on the wide end. It has incredible color and figure! Fresh cut and wax sealed! Ideal for high-end turning and veneering. Must be able to work with the noted characteristics. This gun stock has cut in It has amazing colors and figure! Aged for over 5 years. Kiln dried and surfaced on all sides. There are 2 knots on the forend area.

Must be able to work with. Get this deal now! This gun blank has beautiful stripes with feather crotchwood figure! It is completely wax sealed and has been slowly air drying for over 2 years as of Julythough some pieces contain residual moisture. This would need to age for another year before use. This piece of lumber has nice color and figure!

The bug holes on the edge was cut off.Print Thread. Hop To. Go to page Joined: Jan Lockport Il. What is the best way to cut a black walnut for gun stock blanks? What equipment will be needed? Is it better to have someone else do it? We have some trees on our farm that I would like to have gunstocks made from.

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Joined: Nov It's better to have someone else do it. It will need to be sawed to 3" thick slabs, and then processed in to stock blank sizes the ends will need to be sealed with Anchorseal or similar parrafin based alternative to keep the end grain from cracking.

They will need to be stacked out of direct sunlight, out of direct wind, but not in a cold damp area They will need to be stacked on spacers or "stickers" so that air can flow freely around all sides. They will need to be rotated from the inside out every 3 months or so to be sure that the ones in the middle don't stay too damp. Most stock-makers hate touching a blank that is less than 10 years seasoned. Yes, it'll be dry in This relieves the internal stresses and prevents the stock from twisting or cracking when it is machined.

Yeah, you could have someone slab it, then kiln dry it, but you still have to season it, and Kiln drying kills all the colors in Walnut. It goes from purpled, browns, greens and reds to just a flat dull brown. Check your local woodworking outlets Rockler Woodcraft they'll usually have bulletin boards filled to the brim with business cards and local services. There is a pretty big network there too.

If you do have them sawn, just be sure to seal and stack correctly or they'll ruin quickly. Joined: Aug My understanding is that the gunstock blanks come right out of the very bottom of the tree--cut it off at standard logging height and all you have is shotgun blanks with the buttstocks still in the ground.

Joined: Feb Sitka deer.

sugar maple gun stock blanks

To start with the trees need to be bigger than most folks realize Small trees do not make decent blanks. Further, trees grown in production-style "groves" tend to be tall and straight It is what the furniture makers want for consistent color and grain to minimize matching while running large groups of identical furniture parts. Savage gave lots of good advice, but there are a couple points to refine.

Walnut is not made bland by kiln-drying, but rather by the steaming most mills run it through to relax tensions in the wood and make the colors uniform, again for production furniture making. The whole concept of kiln-drying is not to speed up the drying process, but rather to slow it. Wood left in the open will lose too much surface water, too fast and the wet, full-size inner wood will prevent the outer wood from shrinking, setting up intense stresses.

Understanding where the good figure comes from help you assess what you actually have on your stumps. It is not always easy to visiualize Mark Begich, Joaquin Jackson, and Heller resistance Three huge reasons to worry about the NRA. Almost all crotches are well above grade Browning Gran Lightning Clitoris have wood boardsawn directly under a branch with "Vee" ripples of curlGunstocks are the roots of Dunlap Woodcrafts.

sugar maple gun stock blanks

From the back of his pick up truck, Wayne Dunlap begun providing gunstocks in as a part-time business at every shot he attended. Eventually, the day came when the sawdust was unbearable and both, sawdust and Wayne, had to go.

For a few years, shop space was shared in different areas of Maryland adjacent to downtown Washington, DC in order for Wayne to go directly from his full time job to the shop couple nights a week. The wood that we use to obtain our gunstocks is rigorously submitted to a careful drying process design for thick woods. When required, we air-dry, then we kiln-dry to avoid honeycombing internal checking. This process allows the wood to be stable an docile during the making of the rifle.

Nonetheless, this task remains very subjective. The higher the number, the higher the grade. In an effort to provide the best possible and accurate grading, we routinely check and recheck the grade every time we get to handle a gunstock. Our Universal 1 blank, features a generous drop capable of yielding a Rupp or a Bedford county rifle. Our Universal 2 blank was created to maximize yield and be able to utilize planks a thick board that are not too wide.

Hence, our Universal 2 blank is the perfect size blank to build a Lancaster style rifle. We try to maintain a constant supply of true English walnut gunstocks in different grades. We offer full-stocks for Fowlers, Brown Bess, and guns like those. Additionally, we can also provide half-stocks for single and double barrel shotguns and modern gunstocks in different thickness.

Fancy pistol stocks available too, please inquire with your needs. We price English walnut based on what it offers. Note, the nature of English walnut is to have sapwood in abundance.

Gun Blanks

Stock blanks are available. Each stock is priced individually according to its own qualities. Due to the nature of heavy sap wood found in English walnut stocks.

All fullstock pistol blanks will take a minimum of 10 inch barrels unless otherwise requested. See terms below. All of the above woods are also available for Bench and Buffalo guns, modern gunstocks, knives, tomahawks, and musical instruments. Please inquire for prices and availability. We ship via Fedex Ground. Two or more please inquire.

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Home Gunstocks. Gunstocks Gunstocks are the roots of Dunlap Woodcrafts. All of the above stocks are kiln-dried to between 6 and 8 percent moisture content. For maple stocks, Sugar Maple will be provided upon request when available. Inquire for prices and availability of English and West coast Walnut. Terms and conditions 1.Remember Me? What's New? Forum Gunboards. Results 1 to 17 of Thread: what wood makes good gunstocks.

Join Date Dec Posts I'm asking because I'm going to be taking down a few trees in my parents backyard soon and I'm a bit of an armature wood worker. All of these trees are old there before the house was built in the 50's. Now I know the wood has to be dried either kiln or air dried but I'm not going to go through the effort if none of these trees would make a good stock if they won't their going to end up as fire wood. Join Date Dec Location S. Central Indiana Posts Working with this kind wood I'm not too sure it would be a choice to even mess with for a stock.

I always thought most poplar was a junk wood. At least the type of poplar around here is.


I'm not too sure of the others. I've think stock making would be a neat project too. Best of luck. Join Date Dec Posts 1, The cherry will make wonderful gun stocks.

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I have a long rifle with that is made from wild cherry that is very impressive. I have found it carves and inlets similar to walnut. The maple I am not that thrilled with, color is to light and carving tend to split. Have the wood cut into slabs approx 3 inches thick, leave the bark and sap wood on. Then stack it in the attic to dry this winter. After a hot summer and by next fall it should be ready. The poplar is too soft for a stock, but I have used small pieces to patch other stocks or make forearms.

The main reason is that it can be stained very easily to look like anything you want.The black walnut wood that we store has a rich brown lustrous heartwood with a grain pattern that categorizes itself in between grainy woods like oak and uniform textured woods such maple and poplar. One of the more assuring qualities of the black walnut wood we store is it has a natural resistance to decay and insects.

Black walnut wood typically demands a higher price point because of its increasing demand and decreasing supply of black walnut trees. But the best quality walnut trees are found primarily in the central states regions from Ohio to Iowa.

The walnut species prefer deep, rich, moist soils. We pride ourselves in knowing we are located in the ideal place to grow and harvest black walnut lumber. The best trees are frequently found on flood free ledges just above stream banks. Black walnut typically grows as scattered individual trees or in small groups in mixture with a wide variety of other hardwoods. Black walnut is usually not found in pure walnut stands, it frequently appears with yellow poplar, white ash, black cherry, basswood, beech, sugar maple, red oak, and hickory trees.

Other common associates include elm, hackberry, green ash, and boxelder. Mature black walnut trees can grow to to feet in height and up to inches in diameter. Black walnut has one bad trait, it can poison neighboring trees, shrubs and other plants with a substance called juglone in its roots, leaves, seed husks and bark.

Gunstock Blanks by Cecil Fredi

Juglone is a substance that is selectively toxic to many plants, including tree species as well as agricultural crops. The heartwood of black walnut ranks with the most durable woods, including cedars, chestnut, and black locust, even under conditions favorable to decay. Because of the unique color and grain characteristics, walnut has been a prized wood for furniture, cabinets, millwork, flooring and other decorative interior applications, as well as gunstocks.

Bookcases, desks, dining room tables, bedroom furniture, office furniture, and blanks to create many other pieces are frequently made of walnut. Because of its low movement after seasoning, walnut is particularly suitable for gunstocks. Figured black walnut stocks are prized for expensive shotguns and sporting rifles. Walnut is rated intermediate in planning, but it is a good wood for shaping and the best of any commercial hardwood species for turning.

At 12 percent moisture content, walnut weighs about 38 pounds per cubic foot. For its weight, it is a relatively strong wood. Walnut can be dried relatively easily with a moderate kiln schedule and holds its shape well after seasoning.

Black Walnut is normally straight grained, is worked easily with power or hand tools and has excellent machining properties. With figured crotch wood it is necessary to watch the direction of feed, in both thickness planers and jointers.

Walnut wood finishes gorgeously, can be stained and satisfactorily glued. Now that you are an expert on black walnut wood check out our shop of black walnut live edge slabs and pieces of wood!

When it comes to wood, why settle for the ordinary? Inspirational Black Walnut Wood Projects Beautiful and with rich and varied grain patterns, black walnut wood is a favorite material for many woodworkers and craftsmen.


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